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KSU Police Department Compliments & Complaints Form
Kent State University Police Services strives to provide a high level of service to our community in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. If you have any complaints regarding the service that we have provided or the actions of any member, please come to the police department or call 330-672-3070. A supervisor will be glad to discuss your complaint and if necessary initiate an investigation. Every complaint will be investigated promptly and we will keep you informed of the status of the investigation and the final disposition.

If you are pleased with any member or certain services that you have received, we would like to know about that. The purpose of complaints and compliments is to constantly improve and maintain a tradition of professional law enforcement services.

A medium is provided here for you to report complaints or compliments. Anonymous reporting is permitted, just keep in mind that it is easier and more effective to follow-up comments when we have someone to talk to and we cannot report status or disposition without a contact person. 
Please answer the following.
*Required Response 
Describe in detail the event that is the source of your complaint or compliment. Include any important dates, times or locations with as much detail as possible.*

What is the name of the Police Department member or members involved in this incident? If their name is unknown, provide a thorough description of them.

Are there any witnesses to this event besides yourself? If yes, please provide their name and contact information. If that is unknown, describe them thoroughly here.

What outcome or resolution are you seeking?

Although you are not required to provide your name and contact information, any department response or investigation will be based on the quality of the information you provide. If you choose to make your name and contact information available, we may contact you for clarification or additional information. This will also allow us to update you on the status of the investigation.