This is the Kent State University Threatline.
If this is an immediate threat, call 911 now!

Threatline is an anonymous messaging tool used to tell the Kent State University Police about non-urgent suspicious, concerning or disruptive activity occurring on the KSU campus. If the matter you are concerned about did not happen on the KSU campus, please contact your local police agency.

Voice and e-mail messages will not be heard or read until the next regularly scheduled Kent State University business day (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm). Because of this, it should not be used for reporting immediate threats or emergencies.

You can complete a Threatline submission by calling 330-672-SAFE(7233) and leaving an anonymous voicemail message or by completing the online form below. 
Please answer the following.
*Required Response 
Describe in detail the events or behaviors causing your concern.*
When and where did this event or behavior occur? List any important locations, dates and times with as much detail as possible.
Describe any people important to the incident. Include names and contact information if you know them, or provide a thorough physical description.
Is there any other important information?
What outcome or resolution are you seeking?
The form is anonymous. Any response will be based on the quality of information you provide. If you choose to provide your name and contact information below, we may contact you for clarification of details or additional information.